Miss Rosie x Pencils of Promise Campaign

Pencils of Promise Founder, Adam Braun speaks at TEDxColumbiaCollege about Five Phrases That Can Change Your Life

Hello World!

I'm Rosie! As you know, crafting, journaling, and creative pursuits are the passions of my life.

However, there are an estimated 250 million children in the world with little-to-no access to basic education. And without the resources and support, these children don’t enjoy the satisfaction of crafting, or journaling, or even the empowerment of literacy. The world is full of tough realities to face. But the inability to so much as write your thoughts down hits close to home for me.

In nine years, Pencils of Promise has built over 400 schools across Guatemala, Laos and Ghana. Of the 250 million kids without access to education, 80,000 students are now attending Pencils of Promise schools. This charity is truly making a difference in student's lives.

An organization founded in 2008 by a backpacker, who came across a boy begging on the street in India. When asked what he wanted most, the boy said, “A pencil.”

It’s not every day you find an organization who puts 100% of their donations into making a difference. Pencils of Promise has inspired me right down to my core, and that’s why we're creating a campaign to raise education proceeds in developing world countries.

We would love to have your support in 2 ways,

#1. Purchase our colourful '5 Rainbow Pencils'. All proceeds from sales of Rainbow Pencils will be donated to our Pencils of Promise fundraiser. AND you'll have some beautiful rainbow pencils to write with!

Rainbow pencils to supports schools


#2. Make a Donation to our Campaign here

We want to raise $500 dollars for the school communities at Pencils of Promise. Your support would be very much appreciated.

Over upcoming weeks, we’ll be promoting this campaign towards a goal of $500, which will bring 20 children to school in Gudetama, Laos and Ghana. 

If you’ve ever wished you had a way to make a significant and measurable difference in the world, this is your chance. Check out our team campaign page here or add Rainbow Pencils to your cart, you will make a journalling a difference in someone's life.

 – Rosie