MissRosie is an online independent stationery & gift shop.

Always ready with fresh and inventive ideas, MissRosie is constantly bringing you new stationery products launching on our website every single week.

Many of these are sourced in-house by our talented team of designers, so you can rest assured you'll always find the latest trends in stationery.

Alongside innovation, we maintain a great variety of essentials too, tried and tested by our loyal customers.

We specialize in cute and carefully curated notebooks, planners, pens and pencils. We also love to carry the unique accessories that make studying, working and crafting super fun like cute stickers, paper clips, sticky notes and memo pads. 

Fans of Kawaii, Korean stationery and Japanese stationery absolutely love us!

We're also home to a rather mega collection of washi tape from leading Japanese brands. 

We ❤️stationery! And we hope you enjoy shopping at MissRosie.