Monami Live Color DIY Pen

Monami Live Color DIY Pen

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 Live Color DIY combination pens are a fantastic investment for any artist! These alcohol-based pens start with a dual base where you can refill each end with any tip and color combination of your choice offering tremendous versatility. Create variable-width strokes, such as a firm chisel nib for writing and sketching in broad strokes. Great for comic drawing, scrapbooking, fine art, illustration, product design, architecture, and more, this marker is essential for artists, designers and crafters. 


- Highlighter comes in 12 colors
- Fine nib comes in 12 colors
- Ballpoint pen comes in 3 colors

- Combined Length: 153mm
- Pen Holder Length: 80mm
- Single Replacement: 76mm

- Highlighter Line Width: 0.5mm-2.5mm
- Ball Pen Width: 1.2mm
- Fine Nib Width: 0.4mm

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