Holiday Cards are SO 2020

The sending of holiday cards is hardly a new trend. In fact, early holiday cards can be traced back to ancient China and Egypt, where messages of good cheer were exchanged to celebrate the beginning of a new year and other important events. It’s a trend that’s beyond vintage - but in 2020, we’re predicting that holiday cards will be more important than ever.


With the recent rise in Covid 19 cases in the United States, we’re reminded everywhere we look of the importance of keeping our distance from friends and loved ones. And as we approach the season of love and coziness… that really sucks. And while Zoom calls and emails may make it easy for us to keep in touch, there is something more intimate about sending a hand-written card to those who you wish you could give a huge holiday hug. 

Free Holiday Hugs

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Thanks to the amazing work of artists around the world and small shops like *ahem* US, holiday cards are more personal and unique than ever. No longer do you need to choose between two snow scenes or a cheery red-cheeked Santa Claus to send to your loved ones. You have a full library of options that fit your personality, your family, or your recipient’s favorite things. 

Amy Zhang Holiday Card Box Sets

We’re lucky enough to have a wide variety of greeting and holiday cards from talented and creative artists right here on Seriously! Just click on “Greeting Cards” above to browse (when you’re done reading this enthralling blog post, of course). You can even shop our curated artist bundles if you find one that you really love. 

In fact, we will be featuring a few of our favorite greeting card gurus on the blog this month, giving you an inside look at what inspires their work and what makes their holidays most memorable. 


Holiday shopping is looking pretty different this year. While images of Black Friday shoppers building a mosh pit to try and nab the last smart TV may be fresh in your mind from 2019, current conditions don’t allow us to get up close and personal with other shoppers in hopes of getting the best deal. Rather, a lot more holiday shopping is taking place online. 

But with many big box stores running into huge shipping delays because of increased shipping overall and slower international shipping, a lot of shoppers are worried that their holiday gifts may not make it to their recipients in time. 

That’s why we’re loving the trend of shopping local and purchasing gift cards from small and local businesses. Especially because many small businesses allow you to purchase gift cards online and print them instantly to plop right into your AMAZING Miss Rosie Co. greeting cards. In fact, you can even instantly print a Miss Rosie Co. gift card and have your loved one pick some quirky products (and even hit their sweet spot with our new selection of candy.)

Gift cards are a great option for those hard-to-shop-for people on your list, especially in 2020 when shipping times are a concern. (As a note, all Miss Rosie products ship from Pittsburgh, PA!)

The holidays might look a little bit different this year, but holiday greeting cards are a great way to keep feeling cozy and connected. 

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