Halloween 2020: 6 Reasons to Send a Rosie Post™ Halloween Box This Month

Ah, 2020. The year of canceled plans and toilet paper shortages. Is it just us, or has this whole year given you the creeps? Thankfully, we’ve made it to spooky season, witches! As we try to figure out how to keep our Halloween traditions while keeping a safe distance, it’s a great time to add some new traditions into the mix. Like a build-your-own Halloween gift box from Miss Rosie! After all, the best way to stay socially distant but still be a social butterfly is to send a thoughtful gift to friends and family.

Here are the top 6 reasons to send a Rosie Post Halloween gift box this month.

1. Trick or Treat is no guarantee this year.

The rules are out the window for Trick or Treating this year, with each neighborhood left to make its own decisions. Putting on your costume this year may invoke a bit of anxiety, while skipping out on the terrifyingly fun tradition may cause a lot of disappointment. If you know someone who is bummed to not be collecting their Kit Kats and Reese’s Pumpkins, show them that you still have a few treats up your sleeves with a Halloween gift box created just for them.

2. We could all use a reason to smile.

With so many uncertainties, it’s been hard to look forward to much of anything lately.This new (ab)normal has made it important to focus on the little things. Halloween may not typically be a holiday that involves gift giving, but if there’s ever been a year to let loved ones know you’re thinking about them, it’s this one. 

3. Halloween is the best holiday for adults.

When you’re a kid, Halloween is all about the magic. When you’re an adult, it’s all about binging your favorite Halloween movies with a pumpkin beer and raiding your kids’ candy. You can’t take that away from us, Covid! Halloween deserves to be celebrated, even in the midst of a pandemic and election. But rather than going door to door, have us send some Halloween goodies right to your door. 

4. Unboxing is the new unwrapping.

While the sensation of unwrapping candy bar after candy bar that you’ve walked all across town for is a satisfying one, you haven’t seen true satisfaction until you’ve seen a great unboxing video. The surprise of its arrival. The antici… pation of opening it up. The joy of seeing what items were picked just for you. Now that’s a channel we would subscribe to. (PS, we’d love to see a video of you unboxing your Rosie Post!)

5. We've got a spellbinding selection.

Whether you consider yourself more modern mystic or classic chiller, our variety of Halloween paper goods, decor, and accessories will be sure to thrill you. Hang our SPOOKY AF banner as the background of your happy hour zoom call. Pair our black cat enamel earrings with your favorite black mask to run errands. 

6. Because it's what the Sanderson Sisters would want.

No Hocus Pocus here. We’re sure our Happoween boxes would be Winnie, Sarah, and Mary approved. And we’re sure you’ve seen what happens when you try to cross them. 

Create a custom Halloween gift box for yourself or a loved one now. 


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