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Featured Artist: Ashley Le Quere

Fearless, dazzling, charming - all words we love to use to describe Miss Rosie Co.! But these words are also perfect to describe our next featured artist, illustrator Ashley Le Quere of London!

Ashley Le Quere

Ashley started her career in corporate illustration before becoming interested in pattern design. She now owns her own business, creating designs for stationery products, custom orders, and working in surface pattern design. Her work has been featured on everything from baby garments to wallpapers to book covers. Everything she creates is hand-drawn in her unique, eclectic style. 

Ashley’s personality is big and bold, too. She loves listening to Harry Potter while she works and considers herself a crazy cat lady. She loves to travel and bring those new experiences into her work. It’s no wonder we have a girl crush on you, Ashley!

Ashley Le Quere Painting

Ashley’s latest Christmas designs offer bright colors and traditional themes, for a classic Christmas look with a twist.

Like our other featured artists, Ashley answered a few questions about what inspires her and what makes the happiest of holidays. She let us in on her favorite British Christmas tradition, and what her husband’s Canadian family does on Christmas morning.

Where do you draw inspiration for your greeting cards?

Oh gosh, that’s a tough one. My inspiration comes from all over really. I really don't try to push to get inside, I usually wait for a spark of creativity that just pops in! For this year’s Christmas cards, I wanted to make them more traditional, with the Christmas tree on the car and the Christmas tree. I guess it's how I'm feeling this year, I can't wait to get my Christmas tree and decorations up around the house :)

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

I don’t think you have these in the states, so it may seem a bit weird, but over in the UK we have a thing called Christmas Crackers that everyone on the table pulls together before we sit down to Christmas Dinner. Inside the crackers are paper crowns that everyone puts on for dinner, there are bad Christmas jokes, and a little gift! If you haven’t heard of them before I would have a google because I’m probably not doing a [good] job of explaining it! Haha!
For me crackers signify the start of a special Christmas lunch, everyone in the family coming together!

Oh and a more recent one came from my husband's family who are Canadian. They always have pancakes on Christmas morning and I loveeee it!

How do you plan on making a socially distanced holiday season still feel warm?

As we are in lockdown again in England until the 2nd of December, I'm planning on getting my hands on a Christmas tree as soon as I can, I feel we all need a bit of cheer after the year we have all had, so Christmas will be starting early in our house this year!

Ashley Le Quere Christmas Bundle

Shop the 4-card bundle of Ashley Le Quere holiday greeting cards now! The bundle also comes with 4 lovely heart stamps from USPS Forever—so you'll have everything you need to send your Christmas wishes along to family and friends.

(Photos ℅ @ashleylequere on Instagram)


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