Featured Artist: Amy Zhang

We LOVE supporting women and minority owned businesses. We also love cheeky words and stylish prints. Amy Zhang, a Denver-based illustrator, Hallmark movie enthusiast, and boss lady behind her self-named greeting card company, is the best of all of these worlds.

Amy Zhang

Launched in 2018, Amy’s business is built around her bright and beautiful greeting cards, which are as full of great puns as they are of talent. Her watercolor designs are created by hand, making them truly unique. Not to mention, she is a ONE WOMAN SHOW, spreading positivity and beauty through her products single handedly. 

And people are noticing! Her work has been featured on Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Market Instagram page and on Martha Stewart’s website. With her business and her talent spreading, we’re excited to share Amy’s designs with you.

Amy Zhang Love Your Neighbor

Amy brings a ton of personality to her work, as well as to her company’s instagram account, @shopamyzhang! She’s a great follow if you’re looking for pretty prints, product updates, and self-care tips. (Because we ALL need those in 2020.) You can even see Amy in action via her Studio Vlogs on YouTube. She gives an intimate (and somehow calming) look at her professional space, her business, and her life in general. It’s great to see and be able to pull some inspiration from this unique look of a small business. 

We’ve probably made this obvious, but we definitely want Amy in our girl gang. 

We’re thrilled to be working with Amy this holiday season, and to offer box sets of her holiday greeting cards in our shop. We grilled Amy recently about what inspires her and what makes her holidays shine (Hint: She likes to spend Christmas day with her nose in a good book!) Check out her answers:

Where do you draw inspiration for your greeting cards?

My inspiration comes from a healthy mix of pop culture, my own niche interests, and a generally pretty cheesy sense of humor — which is probably why so many food and 90s references show up on my cards! It's such a wonderful experience to see other people connect with our puns, because it always feels like I've found a kindred spirit.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

It's tough to pick one favorite! My boyfriend and I (and our families) are big readers, and we usually spend all of Christmas Day reading in our pajamas — it's such a calm and relaxing way to celebrate after what is usually a pretty chaotic season leading up to the big day!

How do you plan on making a socially distanced holiday season still feel warm?

For our home, I'm going all-out on festive decor this year — I've had our tree up since late October, when I'm usually a last-minute kind of gal. And while I won't get to spend the holidays with loved ones, we've got lots of video calls and Hallmark movie watch parties planned so that we can still have quality time together!

Amy Zhang Holiday Card Box Sets

Purchase a box set of Amy Zhang holiday greeting cards now!

(Photos ℅ @shopamyzhang on Instagram)


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