5 Ways to Be Like Lizzo and Be Your Own Soul Mate

GOSH do we love Lizzo. She’s smart, talented, motivated, vocal about things that matter. And her confidence? It’s through the roof. As it should be. But as easy as it is for us to cheer on badass celebs, friends, family, and co-workers, we are often our own worst critics. Truth Hurts.

While every day is a good day to practice some radical self-love, we can’t help but focus on that self-love on a day that is usually about your love for others: Valentine’s Day. Single, taken, or casually browsing dating apps, there is no more important relationship than the one you have with yourself. And just like your other relationships, the love you have for yourself takes some intentional work. We’re obsessed with the love and respect we see Lizzo show herself, and it’s inspired us to share a few ways that you can be your own soulmate this Valentine’s Day. 

Lizzo performs onstage at the 2019 BET Awards (Getty)

Lizzo performs onstage at the 2019 BET Awards (Getty)

Here are five ways to make yourself feel Good as Hell this month. 


Sure, talking to yourself can feel a little bit ridiculous. But pep talks require actual talking, out loud. Speaking out loud to ourselves is a great way to slow our brains down and allow them to process what we are saying. Experts say that positive self-talk can actually help us become more confident. 


It might sound selfless to donate your time or money to a good cause, buuuuuuuutttttttt we actually often get more out of it in return. Doing a good deed has been shown to reduce stress levels in good samaritans. It’s sometimes referred to as the “helper’s high.” So yeah, we’re suggesting you get a little bit high this Valentine’s Day. Pay for someone’s coffee, volunteer at a local animal shelter, or share the word about an important cause. 


You’re a grown-ass person. At this point, you KNOW what makes you feel good. It might be baklava from your favorite Mediterranean cafe, a new watch you’ve had your eye on, another month at your favorite yoga studio, a top-shelf bottle of whiskey, or an entire sleeve of Toll House chocolate chip cookies. V-day may be the holiday of flowers and chocolates, but we’re supporters of taking Valentine’s Day to remember - and indulge in - something you really love. (Like socks that say, “My Dog and I Talk Shit About You.”



Sure, romantic love is great. But have you ever had a bestie who is always willing to do your most challenging internet stalking? Celebrate all of the different kinds of love in your life for Valentine’s Day 2021. Tell your spouse and kids the top 10 things you love about them. Let your best friend know that your 2020 was made infinitely better having them to reach out to. Let your grandma know that she’s your daily inspiration to be a total badass. Heck, let your therapist know you’re grateful for the overtime they’ve been working due to Covid. You may always think about how much you love your tribe, but don’t forget to say it. 


If gift-giving is your love language (or you just want to treat yourself to something awesome), you’ll love a curated box from Miss Rosie Co. Who better to pick the perfect gift for you than the one and only? Choose a curated box with things you love, whether gift items or sweet treats, and include a card that lists all of the things you love about yourself. YES. GET YOURSELF A CARD. You tell the people in your life what you love about them all of the time. You deserve that for yourself as well.

Whether you’re celebrating with your valentine, palentine, or dog this year, we hope that Valentine’s Day brings you nothing but love and Lizzo-level confidence.

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