5 fun adorable ways to use Washi Tape!

Here’s 5 ideas on how to use Washi tape, brought to you by MissRosieShop.com, Internet's Best Place for Bullet Journal Supplies.

  1. Bullet Journals - If you keep a bullet journal or scrapbook, washi tapes are a must have. Use them to label, decorate and create themes for your diary.

2. Craft Envelopes - Take an white, envelope and line the edges with your favourite washi tape. A ordinary envelope made extraordinary!

3. Keyboards - tired of looking at the same QWERTY keyboard everyday at work and at home? Jazz things up a little bit by selecting a few designs of washi tape to decorate your keyboard. The great thing about washi tapes is that they’re re-peelable, so you can rearrange the colours any time you’d like.

4. Sort out Cable Confusion - Never plug out the wrong plug from the outlet again. Pick several unpatterned colours of washi tape, label them according to the device, and you’ll ensure that your extension cord will always be organized.

5. Luggage Tags - When your suitcase is coming out of the curtain, you want to make your luggage tag unique. What better and easier way to decorate your luggage tags than with bright and colourful washi tape?

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